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Exploring the beauty of YOUR relationship with Self, allows room for growth, healing, and Personal empowerment. I am Deniece-Camille. How can I help YOU heal?

Holistic Counseling

It's always great to have a guide to help you through your journey becoming the best you

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Book Brain

To the avid Bookworms, feeding the brain, and connecting the heart, creates a love for truth as you dive into my mind.

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Eat Clean

Living an holistic life involves mind, body and soul. So consuming clean foods for the body will contribute to your joy.

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Why Holistic Counseling?

Why Holistic Counseling?

Millions of people have experienced the benefits of holistic counseling. Holistic Counseling is a specific mental health discipline that includes aspects of guidance and psychotherapy. It focuses on a wellness model aimed at improving the quality of life and involves both the counselor and client in collaboration.

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